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Now Located in Fawn Grove, Pa. in southeast York county.

FerretFolk is a small scale ferret breeder. I focus on health, conformation, and temperament from the limited number of kits that I am graced with. All litters have documented lineage and are hand raised and loved until it is time to be placed in good homes. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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The 2013 season has begun!!

I took a trip to Columbus so that Melian, Moa, and Bree could have some time with some Ohio boys.

I'm hoping to see the results by 23 Mar.


If you are interested in a kit please fill out the application for me. Thank You!!


Haven has falsed. I don't think that Thingol was fully in season.


Bree had her kits a day early. Three total but only two survived. The boy developed an abcess on the top of his head. That is just about all gone now after keeping it drained, cleaned, and some antibiotics. Moa needed some help with her kits. The first was a breech. He didn't survive. The other was a boy that weighed in at 14 grams. After seeing no progress, I had to put him with Bree. Moa wasn't too happy about it. He is doing very well with Bree and her two kits. All three of these kits will be staying here. I am hopeful that Haven will have kits in a month. Time will tell.





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