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Information on acquiring a FerretFolk kit

If you see someone that you would like to have placed with you please fill out the placement application. Fifty dollars will reserve a kit at three weeks through nine weeks. After that you will need to let me know you are interested. There are no reservations after nine weeks. The kits will be able to go to their new homes after week nine. I will try to keep the site updated weekly with pictures and reservations.

The kits will come with the first distemper vaccine. The remaining distemper and rabies vaccines are up to the new owners if the kits are picked up at nine weeks.

Each kit will be accompanied by a contract signed by both myself and the new owner. The contract covers the care that is expected to be given to the ferret among other things.


I will not place a ferret with anyone who:

  • Is under 18 years old.
  • Does not have a good understanding of the needs of ferrets and the responsibility for good ownership.
  • Does not have the means to provide appropriate food, medical care, time, and attention to a ferret.
  • Wishes to acquire a ferret for any reason other that to be a cherished pet. Ferrets will not be placed for use in any working purpose such as hunting. I will not place ferrets to be sold in pet stores, used as classroom pets, at petting zoos, etc.
  • Are not experienced, responsible breeders if the ferret is being placed for breeding stock.




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