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Litter due 23-Mar-2013



SHD's Buckeye

Buckeye's pedigree







This was Melians last try at kits

I'm sorry to say.



SHD's Melian of FF

Melian's pedigree



Litter due 23-Mar-2013



SHD's Ranga Ginja Beer

Ginja's pedigree


Bree had three kits. Sadly one didn't survive.

The other two will be staying at FerretFolk.

The first is FF's Rian. I'm not sure yet what coloring she

will have but she is darker. The other is FF's Olwe.

I believe that he is going to be a champagne.

He got an abcess on the top of his head when he was

just a few days old. I am very happy to say that it has

healed and he is gaining weight!



SHD's Bree of FF

Bree's pedigree



FF's Rian


FF's Olwe

12 days old

12 days old



Litter due 23-Mar-2013



TFNF's Thing One

Thing One's pedigree


Moa had some problems with this litter.

Her first kit was a breech presentation

so she needed to be induced.

The first kit didn't survive birth. The second

kit did. He started at 14g. He didn't gain weight

after the first day so I put him with Bree and her kits.

He is growing well now. He will be staying here also.

He is a champagne boy.



SHD's Moa Weka of FF

Moa's pedigree

FF's Finwe

12 days old



Litter due 30-Apr-2013



FF's Steeler

Steelers pedigree






I have high hopes for this litter.

Time will tell though.

Updates when available!



SHD's Haven of FF

Haven's pedigree

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